My bird Tiny is so addicted to sparkles that he jumped from my shoulder into the diorama I was working on and began to eat it...
I am so into these old sewing tags from Poland. Lovely lovely lovely colour arrangements and very clever use of the tricky space that lies within the oval...

Amongst other things, I drew / painted / stitched / etc this picture. I've got alot of questions but none I feel important enough to ask.
I am completely exhausted.

My cockatiel Tiny has developed a thing for launching himself from me onto my wine glass. I really like to drink wine. I really don't want to drink wine that my cute little bird has frolicked in. This is officially my biggest problem in life to date.
Book Cover Illustration by STAFFAN WIREN shows blue and yellow don't have to look awful together.

I ran into one of the members of the band Margins at the Propagandhi show in Melbourne two weeks back. He asked me if I would do some artwork for them, because I was pissed I offered to do it for free too. Idiot. I am really busy so this is the last thing I have time to be doing. Thankfully I really like the band so wanted to start right away. I took a lonely a4 sheet of paper with me and tried doodling but nothing was happening. I ended up writing this instead. Strange as I never, ever write. It's about an event from earlier in the afternoon where I tried to get my pet bird Tiny to sit in a boat I made for him so I could make him sail on our pond. Disasterous.