La Dolce Vita

When an invitation to attend a friends wedding in Germany arrived a little while back, Dave and I grabbed the nearest Atlas and began mapping out a little European holiday for ourselves to coincide.
We have both been to Europe individually, so we created a journey that would see us experiencing places that were new to both of us. I have marked out our route on the little map here, it's going to be three weeks of deliciousness, as we work our way from Italy, to the island of Hava (off Croatia) then to Stuttgart for the wedding and then to the place I am most excited for, Berlin.
We'll be spending two nights in Honk Kong so I can go and meet the lovely people at IDN magazine (the June / July 09 issue of IDN will have an article about me in it YAY! ) and get a hurried fix of their amazing food and culture. We leave in three weeks, I cannot wait to to step off the plane and into the European sunshine with my gorgeous Mr. Howard....