New work and a cause

Like most people who viewed the documentary on Australia's live exports to Indonesia that aired on the ABC this week, I was saddened beyond words. The footage was utterly disturbing and exposed a truth we haven't been privy to until now. I urge you to make yourself aware of this issue, you can watch the story here. Please be aware the content of this documentary is graphic and disturbing, yet all too real, and too important to ignore. WSPA has set up an excellent website to help you write a letter to your local member of Parliament if you wish to express your concerns. You can access it by clicking here. WSPA do an incredible job of assisting animals who are suffering at the hand of humans and I urge you to become aware of what they do. I donate to them regularly as the work they do on behalf of all of us is just incredible.
SO... this topic really got me down in the dumps, not a place I like to dwell! I have been waiting for an opportunity to make some new artwork for our house, so I decided to take this moment between jobs to create a new artwork, something to cheer me up. Here it is, it's going in my hallway when it's back from the framers, and will be available as a giclee print for purchase from my soon to be launched print shop! xxx