I love LOLLIES! New work: The Natural Confectionary Company

The popular parenting website kidspot is now adorned with some cute illustrations I did for Australia's much loved lolly institution, The Natural Confectionary Company (TNCC). The illustrations promote nurturing kids imaginations and encourages parents to get their kids outside and using their amazing little minds to entertain themselves rather than a TV or the like. I don't have any kids of my own, but if I ever do I imagine they are going to be constantly covered in paint and mud and playing dress ups and choreographing dances to Ini Kamoze's Here comes the Hotstepper and whatever else they come up with... So I love the whole idea behind TNCC's campaign and was really stoked to be working on it with them. The illustrations were used to make animated banners, games, splash pages etc for the kidspot website. Here's a screen grab from the site, the grassy illustration shown is the splash page for either site of the main page on kidspot. xxx