Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...

Tuesday night, same - but different, to any other night. I took a walk out into our back yard and found myself craning my neck until the back of my head hit the back of spine to allow all the stars to fit into my peripheral. I found myself thinking about my Dad, and some strange hippie moment overcame me and in my mind I whispered for him to make a star shoot. Nothing happened for a long time. Even just waiting for something to happen, I started to feel like one of those hilbillies that call radio American stations to report a UFO they had seen.
I bent my head back and twisted around trying to see all the stars at once, but I now know this can't happen. A little dancing twinkle caught my eye and I tried to stay very still to determine if it was the star moving or if it was me.
I called my sister to say, with some embarrassment, that I'd 'asked' Dad for a shooting star, and got a dancing one instead - I was pretty stoked with this astronomical response.
She asked me if I had been drinking and as I replied 'a couple of glasses', right aside the dancing star a shooting star whizzed by. As quickly as it appeared it had dissapeared.
Floored, and torn between the likelihood of a coincidence and my wish for it to be a split second of contact with my Dad, I stared at the dark empty space left where the shooting star had dissolved.
I belive in nothing and everything at once, all I know is I was left grinning from ear to ear, and still am.
I miss you Dad.
This photo was taken at my 6th birthday party in Sydney.