I ♥ Justin Blyth

My friend Angel Zaragoza from LA has introduced me to the most amazing blog, that belonging to designer Justin Blyth. I don't know alot about him but I have been pouring over his blog all morning...it's the most unreal collection and composition of images I've seen in a while. He's also a designer and has his folio up at jblyth.com which I'll check out after I've picked my jaw up off the floor from looking at his blog. Below is one of the many images from his gallery that I love. Do yourself a favour and see his blog here

ALSO... after my crazy week last week, the last five working days have been so much fun. I have a new freelance project for a certain stationary brand (one of my favourites) and I got my first pair of glasses. The daily 4pm computer headache was getting the better of me. Secretly I really dig wearing them. I don't know why but I feel alot smarter when I put them on.

I have dinner at Mr.Wolf tonight which I'm really excited for and then back to the mac...