300 stores in 3 different countries totally covered in my work??!

Working with the National VM manager at Jay Jays, I was presented with her inspiration photos for this brief and took it from there. We directed the photoshoot, with 16 talent, (8 boys 8 girls) and worked with the photographer at Abstract studios in Collingwood to achieve the looks we had preplanned for the promo. I then went about creating a yardage using handmade fonts and quotes from the Jay Jays facebook fans when they were asked "What do you love about Jay Jays?".
I then created an entire price library and all key words from scratch, all handmade. In total there were HUNDREDS of files, price point A3's, Window Standees, Window Posters, Hanging bubbles, Bay strips, Window decals, all complete with form cut lines etc... the list of specs was massive!
This was a huge undertaking for me (especially as I was working on prints for product at the same time!) and I'm really proud of the outcome. Here's some snaps from the Jay Jays store at Chadstone. The promo is currently in 300 stores across Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. xxx