Stuff for my house

Those that know me, know that I love stuff. Stuff that looks good. And if I see some stuff that I think looks good, I'll buy it. I especially love buying stuff for my house, because I love my house, I love being in my house and I love being around all my stuff. At the risk of sounding like a brat, I wanted to show off some stuff that I have recently got my hands on that I am stoked about (hey, I work REALLY f%#king HARD and I don't buy mountains of shoes and crap like that, so allow me to indulge). If you haven't heard of the artists mentioned I highly recommend you follow the links!
Marimekko "Kulkue" Tea Towel Set by Maija Louekari. Just about the only thing I could afford at SPACE. I have been obsessed with the illustration of the three people for AGES and then there it was sitting on a $30,000 table in front of me at Space in the form of a tea towel. I contemplated not using it but it's there to be used so I've already been filth-ifying it with great satisfaction.
Donna Wilson cushions. OH SHIT... see you later bank account... at around $150.00 a pop, I've only managed to aquire two so far.. the Leaves and the Fox. Next on my hit list is the Red Treecloud cushion, and the Pouff... but at nearly $800.00 the Pouff is going to have to wait.
Home Sweet Home!